Studies in Foucault

This course was part of the department’s Studies in an Author series. I taught the course in Spring 2016 as both an upper-division undergraduate and a graduate course. Studies in  Foucault introduced students to the author’s seminal works, including Discipline and Punish, History of Sexuality, and Madness and Civilization. In this course, students had the opportunity to apply Foucault’s theories either to works of literature or to a real-life scenario. I taught this course completely online, though students chose to meet face-to-face biweekly in order to clarify and expand their understanding of Foucault’s theories. My goal for this course was to make Foucault’s work more accessible, so the assignments focused more on application and explanation than other courses I teach. This was also the first course where I included a weekly podcast as part of the instructional materials.

Course Documents


Crowdsourced Bibliography Foucault For the Masses WTFoucault Blog

Student Projects

Excepting the bibliography and digital projects, I provide only titles of student works so that the students can retain full rights to their own works.

Spring 2016 Final Crowdsourced Bibliography

Is Your Work Computer Spying on You?: Panoptic Surveillance in the Workplace

Power and League of Legends

The Lack of Individuality in the Public School

Legal Gender

GPS Location Services on Cell Phones: Is it a Gift or a Curse?

Police Brutality as it Relates to Foucault’s Discipline and Punish

Pedagogical Power: A Foucauldian Look at the Effects of Modern Educational Institutions on Minority Youth

Social Media: The Lifelong Overseer