Critical Theory: Feminisms

I taught Critical Theory: Feminisms in Spring 2017, as a graduate-level, fully-online course available to both English graduate students and graduate students in our Master of Arts in Teaching Spanish (MATS) program. Creating a course for this distinctly diverse student population challenged me to think outside the box when creating the class; I was not only working to create an online class that full exemplified a feminist pedagogy, but I was working with a population of students with incredibly diverse career goals and motivations for taking the course.  The course that resulted is one that I consider my best developed course to date. Students in the course were required to research and write about a feminist of their choice, blog regularly and participate in the open blog, and create a capstone that best represented their area of interest. For the capstone, students could choose to do a feminist analysis, do further reading in feminist literature and theory, or create a pedagogy project with a clear feminist approach.

Course Documents


Feminist Profile Assignment

Discovering Feminisms Assignment Discovering Feminism Assignment [blog]

Capstone Project Options

Feminist Analysis Feminist Pedagogy Project Feminist Reading Project

Student Projects and Updates

Discovering Feminisms [Course Blog]

  • Hannah is revising her project on female Japanese writers for her thesis
  • Maria used her “Strong Mexican Women” pedagogy project as the focus of her MATS capstone project
  • Tiffany uses her Feminist Pedagogy Project for a high school English unit on I am Malala: How One Girl Stood Up for Education and Changed the World