Presentations [5345 only]

Our course focuses not only on the final, written product of an academic paper, but also on the ways in which we learn to read academic journals, develop writing habits, and begin to form our own style as readers. 

Beginning in week 3 of this course, graduate students will present at the start of class every Tuesday. 1 graduate student will present in each class period, and the presenters will rotate throughout the semester. The presentations will be short (5-7 minutes each) and individual. These presentations will focus on targeted areas of learning, but each presenter will have say in their topic and approach to the topic. Since these are short, informal presentations, I will meet the graduate presenters at the close of the Tuesday class to discuss topics. Some ideas for presentations include:

  • discussing a writing habit that works successfully for you
  • presenting a technical component of your work-in-progress (e.g. a literature review) and discussing how you approached the writing
  • how you developed your research space
  • illustrating how you adapted information from a writing workshop to fit your writing style

The goal of these presentations is to show your classmates what you are doing as you work toward your own publication. There is no individual right process for academic writing, and I want class members to see a variety of approaches to the academic writing task. Therefore, should both presenters choose to present different approaches to the same topic, that will be approved.