Preliminary Conference

All students must attend a 30-minute preliminary conference during weeks 3-4 of the semester. The conference time will establish your path to publication, your individual deadlines, and your conference schedule for the course.

You are responsible for setting your preliminary conference appointment via your Lamar Outlook calendar, and you are responsible for attending the conference with specific preplanning. Conference preparation information follows.

What to bring

Materials should be brought to the conference in the submission folder.

Students planning to revise a paper

    • an abstract of the paper
    • the entire paper
    • a summary of feedback from the professor who graded the paper
    • a summary of anticipated revisions
    • your Journal Reviews
    • a working revision plan for the semester

Students planning to write a paper

    • a conceptual abstract of the paper
    • a working thesis or research question
    • a working outline of the paper
    • a working list of potential journals
    • a 10 source working bibliography
    • a working writing plan for the semester

How to schedule your conference

Conferences are anticipated for 29 January – 09 February; however, if you know you will be prepared for your conference earlier, you may schedule one as early as 22 January. Preliminary conferences cannot be scheduled after 09 February without permission.

To schedule your conference, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Office 365 (Lamar email) and select the Calendar option
  2. Select Calendar Event from the New dropdown (at the top left)
  3. Name your conference in the following format: [ENGL 5345] First Name Last Name Preliminary Conference
  4. Fill in the date and time for the conference
  5. Under the People section (top right) be certain to add me to the participants
  6. Submit your conference request

I will accept or decline your conference invite based on my latest schedule. If I decline your invite, I will email you with alternate days and times during the same window of time, or I will reschedule with you after our next class meeting. If you do not receive my response within 24 hours, please check that you sent me the calendar invite.