Journal Submission

The Journal Submission assignment is the capstone assignment for the course, and you will work to complete this assignment throughout the semester. The purpose of the assignment is to re/write a paper with the goal of publishing the paper in a journal in the field.

You have two paths for this assignment:

  1. Rewriting a paper you previously wrote and submitted. To select this path, you will need a complete research paper (no specific number of sources). The paper should be at least 5 pages.
  2. Writing a paper from scratch. To select this path, you will need an idea for a paper to begin this course. This can be a new idea or an idea that emerged through a short assignment from a previous course (such as a short response paper or an essay question from an exam).

As you choose your paper, ask yourself if the topic is one with which you are truly engaged. The academic writing process can take several years, so you want a paper that you are committed to seeing published. Otherwise, your desire to work on this paper will wane significantly with a rejection or a revise and resubmit.

You will need to choose the paper prior to your preliminary conference. You will also need to gather the appropriate materials for the paper you select. During the conference, we will establish your individual timeline for completing the paper prior to the end of the semester, and you will need to keep to this plan for your semester, if you wish to write a successful paper.

There are no specific guidelines in this document, because paper guidelines are individual to the writer and the chosen journal. Therefore, your grade for the journal submission will come from the final paper and that paper’s preparation for submission. (In other words, papers ready for submission to the selected journal will receive more credit than papers still needing revision before submission.)