Journal Reviews

Choosing a journal for publication includes a clear understanding of the journal as a whole. Completing this assignment will assist you in making an educated decision about the journal in which you will pursue publication.

This is one of your first assignments for the semester. The results of this review are part of the materials you bring to your Preliminary Conference.

You will locate 5 journals appropriate for your paper. You should look for journals related to your paper topic, whether you locate these through the library databases, but do not forget to look at the journals publishing the articles you read for your research. Remember that your paper creates a dialogue with your sources, and journals appreciate seeing new material in dialogue with their prior publications.

For each of the 5 journals, you will create a 1-page review of the journal that contains the following information:

  1. Journal title
  2. 3-5 keywords for indexing
  3. Summary of the journal’s content
    • What is the overall theme of the journal?
    • How do articles in an issue relate to each other?How do the articles relate to articles in other issues?
  4. Analysis of the journal’s editorial board
    • What are the board members’ credentials?
    • What are the board members’ areas of expertise?
    • Where are the editors employed?
  5. Publication information
    • Who is the publisher?
    • How frequently is the journal published?
    • How can you access the journal?
    • What are the acceptance rates for submissions?
  6. Intended audience
  7. Summary of the submission guidelines

The questions above are designed to guide your review, and these questions should all be answered for each journal. You will also want to use your class notes from the journal review day. I encourage you to plan ahead for that class period, and come prepared with access to one of the journals you are planning to write your review.

Journal Reviews Sample