Journal Reading

Writers who succeed in publishing their academic writings in journals spend a significant amount of time reading and studying their target journal. Therefore, as part of this course, you will read and study the journal in which you anticipate publishing your work. 

You will begin your reading of the journal as part of your research, investigating other articles published in the journal that are related to your topic. You will want to think broad about what relates, not just looking specific for works related to your topic. Journal editors like to see new authors in dialogue with those they’ve published previously, so keep an eye out for ways that other authors are discussing your topic. I advise that you write brief summaries of each work you read, so that you can refresh your memory and quickly relocate information later.

When you complete the journal reading for your research, start reading the latest issues of the journal. Start with the most recent issue of the journal and work your way back throughout the semester. You will want to pay particular attention to the structure and organization, as well as the commonalities of style among the authors. We will discuss article reading in depth in class, and you should use the notes from our discussion to guide your reading.

You will read consistently throughout the semester, and I recommend you schedule your reading well ahead of time.