Submission Requirements

You will submit updated works-in-progress throughout the semester as dictated by your individual course goals and conference schedule. The information below will assist you in properly submitting your materials so that I can read and comment efficiently. Keep in mind that each student has a specific date to turn in their materials, and if your material is not properly submitted, I will ask you to resubmit, which will delay the return of your current draft.

Works-in-Progress Formatting

All works-in-progress will follow this formatting:

  • Standard paper formatting: 12″ Times New Roman font and 1″ margins
  • A header that includes Draft # at the top left and your last name and page # at the top right.
  • Your approved abstract, single-spaced.
  • Your paper title, centered and containing one blank line above and one blank line below.
  • The body of your paper double-spaced and appropriately indented.
    • Follow the intended journal’s style guide for formatting any headings/subheadings in the body of the work.
  • Up-to-date References/Works Cited page, formatted following the intended journal’s style guide
  • One-sided printing

See the bottom of this page for a first page formatting example. 

Submission Folder Contents and Organization

You will submit your materials in a 2-pocket folder (please do not buy one with pockets and prongs). The folder should have your name and the course number on the top left of the cover in black permanent marker. You should use a new, light-colored folder to ensure your information is visible.

In the left hand pocket, you will place your current work-in-progress, using the revision summary letter as a cover sheet. Place the most previous work-in-progress with my comments in the right hand pocket, using the journal’s submission requirements as a cover page. Both works should be paper-clipped together with a standard paper-clip. I am not responsible for expensive, fancy paper clips that are lost or misplaced.

Paper Formatting

First Page Formatting Example