Course Revise and Resubmit Process

This course demands that you work consistently toward improving your writing skills as much as toward writing a paper for publication. To accomplish this, you will meet with me consistently throughout the semester, at a time established during your preliminary conference. This page will clarify the revise and resubmit process so that you always know what to expect in your revisions and during your conference.

Paper Comments

I return papers with written comments during your conference. I read and comment on your papers as I read and comment on any blind peer review I complete for a journal, with the goal of helping you to strengthen the overall paper. I limit my comments to 10 targeted content comments for your revisions. In early drafts of your paper, I do not mark grammar errors, though in later drafts, we will address grammar as part of your writing style. I do not leave more than 10 comments, as more can easily overwhelm a writer when working toward revisions. In some cases, this may mean that the comments are not in chronological order on the paper itself. This is because I prioritize comments. In some cases, this may mean that comments to your paper end several pages prior to the end of your paper. Know that I read the entire work, but addressed the earlier, important comments, and I may address later comments in the next draft.


The conference is our time to discuss your writing improvement, struggles you are having with writing and/or research, progress to your course paper, and the current draft of your paper. We will discuss, in depth, comments to your paper and how to approach these in revisions, with specific attention to comments you do not understand or do not know how to address. We spend a significant amount of time discussing your paper, so if you do not have your folder to me 48 hours before your conference, you forfeit your conference appointment. I set this deadline because I read papers in the afternoon preceding your conference. You can bring your folder to me during office hours, drop it off at the end of class, or leave your folder in my mailbox.

Paper Revisions

As you revise your paper, keep track of the revisions you make, either by making notes on the previous draft or by using the track changes feature in your word processor. Make a point to save each draft as a new document, so that you can keep up with your most recent progress. When you finish the revisions, you should use your notes to write your revision summary (discussed below), but make certain that you include a clean copy of your work in the folder. 

Compiling Your Materials

Pull together your materials as discussed on the Submission Requirements page, and pay close attention to the revision summary. Think of this summary as your introduction to your revisions. This is your opportunity to inform me of several things:

  • Discussing the revision changes you made based on comments to the previous draft and the conference
  • Explaining why you opted to not make specific changes discussed in the comments and the conference
  • Summarizing new material included in the paper
  • Summarizing any new research read for the paper and/or included in the paper
  • Discussing any struggles you encountered during this writing session