Course Paper Submissions

This folder contains all the information necessary for your course paper submissions. These are the paper submissions you make prior to each conference appointment. Read these documents carefully, so that you have everything in order for each conference.

Submission Requirements

You will submit updated works-in-progress throughout the semester as dictated by your individual course goals and conference schedule. The information below will assist you in properly submitting your materials so that I can read and comment efficiently. Keep in mind that each student has a specific date to turn in their materials, and if your … Continue reading Submission Requirements


Course Revise and Resubmit Process

This course demands that you work consistently toward improving your writing skills as much as toward writing a paper for publication. To accomplish this, you will meet with me consistently throughout the semester, at a time established during your preliminary conference. This page will clarify the revise and resubmit process so that you always know … Continue reading Course Revise and Resubmit Process