This folder contains all major assignments for the course.

Preliminary Conference

All students must attend a 30-minute preliminary conference during weeks 3-4 of the semester. The conference time will establish your path to publication, your individual deadlines, and your conference schedule for the course.

Journal Reviews

Choosing a journal for publication includes a clear understanding of the journal as a whole. Completing this assignment will assist you in making an educated decision about the journal in which you will pursue publication.

Journal Submission

The Journal Submission assignment is the capstone assignment for the course, and you will work to complete this assignment throughout the semester. The purpose of the assignment is to re/write a paper with the goal of publishing the paper in a journal in the field.

Course Paper Submissions

This folder contains all the information necessary for your course paper submissions. These are the paper submissions you make prior to each conference appointment. Read these documents carefully, so that you have everything in order for each conference.

Journal Reading

Writers who succeed in publishing their academic writings in journals spend a significant amount of time reading and studying their target journal. Therefore, as part of this course, you will read and study the journal in which you anticipate publishing your work. 

Writing Accountability Groups

The goal for this course is to assist you in developing strong skills for academic writing. One of these skills is developing successful writing habits, sustainable regardless of changing schedules.

Presentations [5345 only]

Our course focuses not only on the final, written product of an academic paper, but also on the ways in which we learn to read academic journals, develop writing habits, and begin to form our own style as readers.