biophotoKatt Blackwell-Starnes, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor & Writing Director
Department of English and Modern Languages
Lamar University

Scholarly Biography

I began my scholarly career immersed in the world of Information Literacy; however, the past few years led me down two distinctly different paths in my scholarship. I am active in scholarship in veterans studies, an area of research that also informs much of my service work. I also find myself returning to my literary roots with recent work in Virginia Woolf.

Recent Peer Reviewed Articles

Blackwell-Starnes, Katt. “At Ease: Developing Veterans’ Sense of Belonging in the College Classroom.” Journal of Veterans Studies vol. 3, no. 1, Winter 2018, pgs. 18-36. [read]

Blackwell-Starnes, Katt. “‘Life Was Good. The Sun Hot.’: Septimus Smith, Sanity and Suicide.” Virginia Woolf Miscellany. no. 91, Spring 2017, pgs. 32-33. [read]

Recent Book Chapters

Blackwell-Starnes, Katt and Janice Walker. “Reports From The LILAC Project: Designing a Translocal Study.” In Points of Departure: Rethinking RAD Methods for the Study of Student Writing. Tricia Serviss and Sandra Jamieson, eds. Boulder, CO: Utah State UP, 2018, pgs. 63-82. [About the book]

Blackwell-Starnes, Katt. “Preliminary Paths to Information Literacy: Introducing Research in Core Courses.” Information Literacy: Research and Collaboration Across Disciplines. Barbara D’Angelo, Sandra Jamieson, Barry Maid, and Janice Walker, eds. West Lafayette, IN: Parlor Press. 2016. (Print) AND Boulder, CO: University Press of Colorado, 2016. (Digital) [read]

Recent Book Reviews

Blackwell-Starnes, Katt. “The Vietnam War at 50: Lessons and Legacy” Review of Texas Books. vol.3, no. 1, Spring 2018.

Fellowships and Grants

Lamar University Provost’s Summer Fellowship (2017)

Conference on College Composition and Communication Research Initiative Grant (2013)

Recent Conference Presentations

“Biographical Dialogism and the Question of Why: New Directions in Reading Biographical Content in Fiction.” British Women Writers’s Conference. Austin, TX; April 2018

Starnes, Katt, Cassandra Branham, Lydia Wilkes, and Kathryn Broyles. ”Cultivating a Generative Support Pedagogy: Understanding Veteran Identities In Writing Classrooms and Programs” Conference on College Composition and Communication. Portland, OR: March 2017.  

2016 Blackwell-Starnes, Adrienne. “Life Lived Differently: Growing up the Daughter of a Vietnam Veteran.” 2016 VeteranFest. Beaumont, TX: November 11, 2016.